Looking to sell an e-commerce or online business?

Are you on the hunt for the right buyer for your online or e-commerce business? Look no further, XIT is the right partner.

We're the perfect EXIT strategy for your online or e-commerce business.

At XIT we always looking for  online businesses with great growth potential. Our focus is on finding businesses that we can buy, grow, and operate for the long-term and when we find them we make the sales process simple.

we pay exceptional rates

We can spot the potential opportunity in a business and we’re not afraid to pay great rates for businesses with real potential.

We bring resources & expertise

We don’t just buy businesses we grow them by leveraging our management, marketing, and training resrouces.

we use a simple process

We make the contract and negotiation process easy with simple, straight-forward documents and agreements.

A safe home for your e-commerce or online business.

We understand that it is the people and relationships built your business into what it is today. While there may be many potential outlets to sell your business you can be assured that our team will do everything we can to care for your staff, your clients and your brand long after the sales is complete. 

At XIT, we buy great e-commerce and online companies and then we multiply them.

Our focus is on the long-term. We’re not a fix and flip company nor are we a private equity company.  We buy, we grow, and we operate great online businesses in great markets with the potential to generate great cashflow and long-term equity for our investors and partners.

We’re open to purchasing a wide range of companies in the e-commerce or online space including Amazon stores, e-commerce stores, information and advertising-driven websites, SaaS products, as well as e-learning and online course websites and systems. If you have an online property that you’re looking to sell reach out to XIT first.


The future of your business will be in great hands!

We’re not a private equity firm looking to divide and conquer your business. We’re not looking to flip and sell. We’re on the hunt for good businesses we can make great using our XIT Growth Framework™.

Funding & Capitalization

Utilizing our investor network and other private funding sources we work to properly capitalize the companies we acquire allowing them to maximize growth potential.

Marketing & Advertising Support

We have our own in-house team of branding and marketing experts that will help develop and deploy strategic marketing campaigns designed to increase revenue and engagement.


We will work with your existing staff to analyze, improve, and implement systems designed to improve efficiency, productivity and product quality in every area of the business.

Leadership Support & Training

We provide ongoing training for the managers, executives, and sales teams at our portfolio of companies to help improve their capabilities, output, and quality.

Our philosophy

Buy Businesses. Grow Them. Operate Them.

We make smart long-term investments focused on long-term growth in a variety of markets and industries. 


We work to buy great companies with significant market and growth potential. We are always on the hunt for opportunity.


We implement our XIT Growth Framework™ to 10x the companies we acquire. Growing revenue and profitability.


We continue to operate, grow, and profit from the companies in our portfolio working to maximize their long-term potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few helpful things to know about selling your e-commerce/online store to XIT.

XIT is commonly used to working with investment partners so we’re open to partial ownership agreements but we do require managing control of the business.

We are open to various configurations depending on the size and type of transaction. We prefer to purchase business in entirety but are open to various configurations that will provide predictable income for your retirement.

We use a a variety of factors when calculating the value of a business for acquisition. The most important factor to us is long-term growth potential but we will carefully evaluate standard metrics like EBITDA and SDE as well to determine the fair market value we’re willing to pay.

We do on occasion purchase the assets of a business assuming the brand name and key marketing elements are included. We are looking to purchase and operate business so an asset sale must be easily turned into an operating business to fit our growth model.

Yes, we are very interested in failing or struggling businesses with long-term prospects and possibilities. Situations where a struggling business could benefit from strong marketing, leadership, or financing are a great fit for our growth model. If you have a struggling or failing business we would be interest in talking with you.

Typically, we do not but we are open to having a conversation. Businesses that are built around a particular person or skill typically do not fit into our growth model but if you produce a unique product or provide a specialized service that could be scaled it could be a great opportunity for our team and system.