About XIT

We love business and we love to win.

It isn't about the fame or the fortune.

The money is important and profitability is certainly a priority, but we are a group of experienced business owners that simply love to win. When it comes down to it, we want to create the best products, provide the best service, and offer the best value in any industry we operate in. Our goal is to consistently make a positive impact in the world through our product, services, and leadership.

We’re looking to acquire, grow, and operate great companies that align with this vision and have the potential for 10x growth in their respective markets and industries.

We have built XIT to provide a safe exit for exceptional founders. XIT is the next chapter in the story of the businesses of great founders who love and care for their teams and want their business to continue to be a positive force in the world.
Ryan Stemkoski Headshot
Ryan Stemkoski, MBA
Managing Director
XIT 10x DNA Infographic

10x multiplication is in our DNA.

We operate with a strict buy and hold mentality. When we acquire a business we’re in it for the long haul. There are many acquisition companies looking to fix and flip businesses. That is not XIT. In fact, our goal is the opposite of our name. We never want to exit the businesses we acquire but instead continue to grow, expand, and improve them for for the long haul and long-term cashflow created through running these great businesses.


We operate based on five core principles.

Everything we do and every acquisition we make is based on a set of core principles. These are non-negotiable principles we deploy to ensure that we stay focused, driven, and profitable in every area we operate. 

Create Impact

It is easy to exist but it is harder to provide true value. We strive to create a lasting impact through our businesses and the lives they intersect with.

Lead With Action

It is one thing to say something it is another to live it out. We practice what we preach in how we lead, work, and play.

Do What is Right

In business and in life there are many ways to tackle a situation. We always do what is right even if it costs more, takes more time, or sets us back we won't cut corners.

Be Ready to Learn

There is always something to learn. We never stop learning and looking for new opportunities, methodologies, and ideas.

Commit to Win

If you're not first, you're last. We don't want to just finish the race we want to win it by a landslide and that is the approach we take in every area of business.

Our philosophy

Buy Businesses. Grow Them. Operate Them.

We make smart long-term investments focused on long-term growth in a variety of markets and industries. 


We work to buy great companies with significant market and growth potential. We are always on the hunt for opportunity.


We implement our XIT Growth Framework™ to 10x the companies we acquire. Growing revenue and profitability.


We continue to operate, grow, and profit from the companies in our portfolio working to maximize their long-term potential.