THE PERFECT EXIT Strategy for Your Business

We Buy Businesses.
Then We Grow Them.

If you're looking to retire or exit your business but want to make sure it is in good hands, you're in the right place. XIT Acquisitions is the perfect partner to help write the next chapter in your business' story.
Businesses We Buy

We buy businesses in a wide variety of markets and industries.

We are on the hunt for companies with exponential growth and we find these gems in a variety of markets. The companies that are most attractive to XIT are those we believe have at least 10x potential with the help of great systems, powerful marketing, and seasoned leadership.


We are interested in purchasing software as a service companies in a variety of B2B industries.

E-Commerce / Online

We are looking for e-commerce stores and unique product lines that could benefit from online sales.


We are interested in buying specialized manufacturing and product companies.

Business Services

We are looking for skilled service firms that serve niche or specialized B2B markets and customers.

Home Services

We are on the hunt for small to medium-sized home service companies with growth potential.


We are open to evaluate other business opportunities including distressed or struggling businesses.

We Buy Businesses Photo Sample

We'll take your business to the next level!

We’re not a private equity firm looking to divide and sell off your business. We’re not looking to fix, flip, and sell either. We’re on the hunt for good businesses we can make great using our XIT Growth Framework™ and profit from for many years to come.

Funding & Capitalization

Utilizing our investor network and other private funding sources we work to properly capitalize the companies we acquire allowing them to maximize growth potential.

Marketing & Advertising Support

We have our own in-house team of branding and marketing experts that will help develop and deploy strategic marketing campaigns designed to increase revenue and engagement.


We will work with your existing staff to analyze, improve, and implement systems designed to improve efficiency, productivity, and product quality in every area of the business.

Leadership Support & Training

We provide ongoing training for the managers, executives, and sales teams at our portfolio of companies to help improve their capabilities, output, and quality.

Our philosophy

Buy Businesses. Grow Them. Operate Them.

We make smart long-term investments focused on long-term growth in a variety of markets and industries. 


We work to buy great companies with significant market and growth potential. We are always on the hunt for opportunity.


We implement our XIT Growth Framework™ to 10x the companies we acquire. Growing revenue and profitability.


We continue to operate, grow, and profit from the companies in our portfolio working to maximize their long-term potential.