Invest in XIT
Owned Businesses

XIT provides the perfect opportunity to own and build great businesses without the hassles of running a business day-to-day.

At XIT, we find great business and then we multiply them.

Our focus is on the long-term. We’re not a fix and flip company nor are we a private equity company.  We buy, we grow, and we operate great companies in great markets with the potential to generate great cashflow and long-term equity for our investors and partners.

We’re looking to add investors that are passionate about and experienced in business that can provide financial resources, input, and guidance to the companies they invest in without having to take on the challenges of running the day-to-day operations. 

Our philosophy

Buy Businesses. Grow Them. Operate Them.

We make smart long-term investments focused on long-term growth in a variety of markets and industries. 


We work to buy great companies with significant market and growth potential. We are always on the hunt for opportunity.


We implement our XIT Growth Framework™ to 10x the companies we acquire. Growing revenue and profitability.


We continue to operate, grow, and profit from the companies in our portfolio working to maximize their long-term potential.

What we ask

Our Investor Requirements.

Proof of Income / Net Worth

Our investment opportunities vary depending on the acquisition size and investment needs of the business. Not all opportunities require accredited investor status it is preferred.

Tolerance for Risk

While we endeavor to minimize risk it is always present in business. We only work with investors that understand the risks and are capable of sustaining a loss should it occur.

Relevant Business Experience

We strongly prefer investors who have measurable business management or ownership experience who are willing to share this knowledge to further their investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few helpful things to know about investing with XIT.

Each investment opportunity has a varying minimum investment amount based on the size and scope of the deal as well as the cashflow needs to grow the business.

Yes, every opportunity is shared with our approved investor database. You have the opportunity to perform your own due diligence on the business opportunity and industry in addition to the due diligence we perform and provide.

Investments in businesses are not immediately liquid. When we form a partnership to acquire a business we agree on certain terms for an early exit by a particular party and those vary from acquisition to acquisitions but are agreed upon by all parties before entering into an agreement.

We are not. We are a privately helped investment holding company that buys and operates businesses. Each investment is made directly in a particular business not in a portfolio of companies.